We provide various business consulting services for clients interested in doing business between Japan and China, including delivering timely and accurate information about the economic situation and market conditions in China, client-specific market research, Chinese laws and regulations, potential risk and so on.

  • Trademark Registration

    We recommend clients to first register a trademark before starting a business in China.
    We provide thorough agency service from verifying whether the name of a company or brand has already been registered until registration is fully complete.
    Working directly with the registration section of Yangtianhua Group in China, we are able to provide fast and low cost, yet high-quality service.



     Group Company
    in China


    (※1)Trademark Registration

  • China Market Research

    We specialize in healthcare/pharmaceutical market research for the products that are sold in the drugstore in China.
    With a proud track record and extensive network in mainland China, with a base in Changsha, Hunan province, a variety of our products and services can deliver expert market research and information and data gathering to help the client's business needs.
    Our head office in Tokyo and China works closely together to provide the following products and services.

    Consumer Research
    Test marketing
    Questionnaire survey
    Group interview/ Study group, etc.
    Competitor Research
    Corporate research
    Industry research
  • Risk in China

    There are various ways to start a business in China.
    In order to succeed against tough competition in the Chinese market, under the recent global competition, the product must be highly competitive, reach across borders and cultures, maintain and improve its competitiveness.
    Having a Chinese lawyer partnered with our office is our greatest strength and thus we can provide highly specialized service.


    1Terms & Conditions, Joint-venture contract, etc.
    2The establishment of the company
    3Corporate governance structure
    4Assisting acquisition and merger of Chinese companies
    5Labor Law and Regulations


    Measures against illegal acts

  • Interpretation & Translation

    We provide interpreters and translation services in accordance with the level required by the client.


Please feel free to contact us about our products and services.

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