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IMPORTApplication Processing for Exporting Cosmetics to China

Before you import and sell Japanese or overseas cosmetics product in China, the product must be registered or obtained a certificate under China's Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).
For imported cosmetics, a screening system is applied for special purpose cosmetics and a registration system is applied for non-special purpose cosmetics.
You must obtain either "Health Certificate for Imported Cosmetics for Special Purpose" or "Registration Credence of Imported Cosmetics for Non-Special Purpose" before you can sell your products in China.
Selling cosmetics without a certificate is subject to a penalty imposed by the Chinese government.

As we have our group company in Shenyang, China, our service for application is fast without having to go through many companies in between.
Translation service is also available as we are able to provide all the services in Japanese.

  • Application throughother companies
    Applications go through many agents, thus lack of information/ communication.
    There is a time lag and expensive.
    Application throughus
    We act as a registration agency within a group company.
    The process is much faster and inexpensive.
  • Cosmetics Seller/ Distributor

  •  A:Trading Company

     B:Agent accepting the application

     C:Agent processing the application 


    Process application
    Group Company 

  • CFDA

  • CFDA Registration by us

    1Registration Flow


    Verify in advance if the product can be registered under CFDA( Identify the cosmetics type)


    Register the applicant


    Sampling inspection by the designated authority.


    Formal Application and CFDA screening


    Issuance of Certificate

    2Qualified items

    • Non-special purpose cosmetics
      ・Haircare products
      ・Skincare products
      ・Makeup products
      ・Foot & Nail products
      ・5 types of perfumes
    • Special purpose cosmetics
      ・Whitening products
      ・Hair growth products
      ・Body care products
      ・Breast shaping products
      ・Hair dye products
      ・Hair perm products
      ・Sunblock products
      ・Deodorizing products
      ・Spots removal products
      ・Hair removal products

    3Registration fee

    Per product
    JPY320,000 (without tax) -

    ※After registration, please consult us if you wish to consign sales to our group company in China or wish to sell officially in China.

    ※Consultancy service is available depending on the number of products, terms and conditions, etc.

    4Aftercare/ support after registration

    We also provide marketing services and help you sell products in the physical stores using our company or group companies in China.


Please feel free to contact us about our products and services.

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